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Our Work
Our Work

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Check out some of the projects we’ve worked on in our showreel and see how The Orangeblowfish can impact your brand.

Our Work

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Our clients

Yum China, Yum China in Shanghai, wall art in Shanghai, graphic design in Shanghai, graphic design
Shu Uemura, makeup, beauty, luxury, branding, marketing campaign
The Press, the press, coffee in Shanghai, brand identity, brand identity in Shanghai
Ford, ford motors, ford in China, social media content
Ogilvy, creative agency, branding
Nike, graphic design, wall art in Shanghai, art installation, graphic design, wall art
mindshare, Mindshare, graphic design in Shanghai, illustration, graphic design, creative agency in Shanghai
Kiehls, branding, makeup, product packaging
Dunkin Donuts, branding, coffee
Costa, logo, coffee, coffee in China, branding, graphic design
Alipay, alipay, Alipay in Shanghai, logo design
pizza express, Pizza Express, Pizza express in Shanghai, logo design
Ocean Grounds, coffee roastery, coffee in Shanghai, branding
Google, wall art in Shanghai, environmental graphics, brand identity, Google in China
Loreal, branding, product packaging
Farfetch, luxury fashion, technology, wall art in Shanghai
Time Out, magazine covers, art direction, photography
Liquid Laundry
Mary Rezek, executive coach, digital marketing
Mullen Lowe, mullen lowe, Mullen Lowe Group, creative agency in Shanghai, creative agency
Lululemon, luluemon in Shanghai, wall art in Shanghai, environmental graphics
elnacional, elnacional Shanghai, el nacional, brand identity, branding, marketing in Shanghai
Air BNB, Air BnB, interior design, wall art in Shanghai, graphic design, wall art
PS Cafe
The Broken Dagger
up logo