Built a portrait of mountains and peaks right in the city

To celebrate KOLON’ 50th anniversary.



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The Story.

One can say that the story of the leading South Korean fashion brand KOLON began in the snowy mountains of the country in 1973 with KOLON Sport. Since then, the brand has gained international success, but it remained faithful to its core — focusing on the most advanced technology to protect outdoor enthusiasts as they cross ruthless peaks and face other natural challenges. KOLON’s ethos is that, with this added layer of protection, every expedition becomes a singular life experience.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KOLON presented a pop-up outdoor installation outside Jing An Kerry Centre, a premium commercial complex amidst a bustling district in Shanghai. Designed by The Orangeblowfish, the installation contained an exhibition that outlined the success story of the brand. Through various forms, the concept presented the brand’s legacy to the public and conveyed KOLON’s unwavering commitment to making nature more accessible to everyone.

Our Solution.

● A portrait of mountains and peaks right in the city.

The design of the pop-up installation and its exhibition directly reflects KOLON’s philosophy of reverence and harmonious coexistence with nature.

Considering the urban location where it stands and the crowds of urbanites that pass by the premises every day, we used a minimalist metal frame structure paired with white matte paint to evoke snow-capped mountain peaks and bring the allure of the great outdoors to central Shanghai. The structure was also designed with an ethereal quality, a nod to the essence of nature.

As night fell, the installation adapted itself with diverse lighting effects, embodying our contemporary interpretation of nature while resonating with urban aesthetics.

● Holding to KOLON’s foundation: ensuring safety with expertise for 50 years.

Visitors to the installation could gain a full grasp of the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into KOLON products and the brand’s utmost concern for providing safety and reliability for outdoor activities.

In our design, an immersive timeline tunnel guided visitors through the development and innovation of KOLON’s products over the years. While it showcased the combination of technology, functionality, and fashion design, the display also delved into specifics, such as the evolution of the brand logo and KOLON’s core brand culture.

At the end of the tunnel, visitors reached a commemorative wall, artfully designed to evoke the brand’s legacy, from which they could retrieve one of the embroidered badges as a keepsake after scanning a QR code.

The experience inside the tunnel was like an exploration and told stories of KOLON’s continuous product enhancements and how they relate to the natural challenges adventurers face. Through this quick but immersive journey, visitors could fully grasp the brand’s dedication to protecting their customer base.

Overall, in a space where nature and the urban setting blended seamlessly, the installation we designed for KOLON rekindled a longing for the outdoors, offering a fresh approach to safe and stylish nature adventures.

The Results

The installation was a success, attracting many shoppers, passersby, and workers within the complex and the surrounding area. Actor Liu Shishi, the brand’s spokesperson, also paid a visit to the installation, alongside other prominent personalities.

For visitors, the installation provided a whimsical, nature-inspired ambiance, a place to escape the big city, even if just in thoughts, take pictures with eye-catching displays, and let their minds wander about future adventure paths.

For KOLON, it solidified their commitment to safety and development in a whimsical and creative way.


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