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The Story.

Young affluent professionals working in the centre of Shanghai have a huge array of choices when it comes to lunch-time eating – some healthy, some not. From the Western fast-food chains, and their local competitors such as independent eateries and traditional street-food restaurants it’s easy to go a month without eating at the same venue.

But in Tier 1 cities, with consumers increasingly looking for healthy options to help them cope with fast-paced modern life, and willing to pay more for a healthier option, there are opportunities for operators who can create the right offer and brand.

Enter entrepreneurs Max and Luhui: “Consumers have so many choices that are cheap, quick but not necessarily healthy. We engaged The Orangeblowfish to help us develop a brand that would keep our new offer top of mind as a better alternative to local food that is full of grease and oil, and the big established western food chains that are convenient, but not too healthy.”

Our Solution.

While wraps are available as an option in some of Shanghai’s western style QSRs, a restaurant dedicated to wraps, with a wide range of flavours and ingredients is something new. So, our strategy was built on putting this difference ‘front and centre’. We came up with the name 就是卷 – literally, ‘It’s a Wrap’.

Extending the strategy further we came up with the idea of ‘Wrap and Roll’ – reflecting the intrinsic nature of the product, but with added seasoning of ‘rock n roll’, to create a unique iconography for the brand.

Restaurant-front window graphics, posters, menus and stickers gave the store an unmissable presence on the street. The bright colours and unique style of the packaging, together with smart social media content, extended awareness of the restaurant beyond its immediate location, into the workplaces and lives of its target consumers.

The Results.

Wrap & Roll opened in February 2020, when covid-19 hit Shanghai. With the arrival of lock down, online food deliveries soared, and thanks to its strong, product focused identity, Wrap and Roll was able to capitalise on the opportunity.

On top of this, people love the branding of Wrap & Roll. According to Dianping, over 85% of Chinese customers mentioned they love the design and branding of the shop and would come back again.

And that’s a wrap … !


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