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The Story.

As a proud member of the prestigious WPP Group, Mindshare is known worldwide as a leading media and marketing company.

Since 2016, Mindshare has been engaging The Orangeblowfish to enhance its employer brand and infuse renewed energy into its workplace.

Our main goal for this project was to make the best use of Mindshare’s incredible three-floor office space in Shanghai and craft an inspiring narrative based on the brand’s core values: provocation, teamwork, and speed.

We faced a unique challenge with this project: how to turn Mindshare’s execution-oriented tasks into a compelling narrative that would showcase their industry leadership?

Modern and avant-garde design, and only certain areas of the terrace could be modified. Besides, working during the Covid lockdown period in April 2022 made everything difficult.

Our Solution.

After in-depth interviews with team members from various departments, we knew the narrative needed to depict Mindshare not merely as a leader, but as a “hero” in the marketing industry — a story that would profoundly engage employees and ignite their creative potential.

The solution to command a powerful yet easily accessible visual engagement was a series of three superhero comic stories based on characters that embody the values of the company.

Their personalities and superpowers correspond to heightened versions of traits found in real people in the office. Introducing our heroes:

He embodies the concept of ‘Provocation.’ Initially, he was an ordinary robot with impeccable proportions, but he morphed into a mighty giant with a computer head capable of solving the most intricate puzzles that any programmer could encounter.

2)Ms. Mindshare
She represents ‘Teamwork.’ She seamlessly integrates strength and skill with her innate leadership capabilities. Also, her compassion and care for all team members create a powerful combination essential for any leader spearheading cross-department collaborations.

He personifies ‘Speed.’ His defining feature is his many arms— an outcome of a curious incident.

This unique trait enables him to work at an extraordinary pace and assist multiple departments simultaneously, qualities much needed for executives to stay ahead of the competition.

We took a unique approach to this project and moved away from the traditional comics format.

Instead, we opted to showcase the stories in grand proportions through beautifully crafted wall art that spanned the three floors of Mindshare’s office.

The interconnected narratives created an overarching plotline that emphasises the synergy between different departments. They also help to vividly illustrate the essential role of each department in the overall workflow.

The Results

The storyline woven across these three volumes has proven to be an engaging method for conveying Mindshare’s culture to all who pass through their hallways.

It’s great to see how the Mindshare team members resonate with the heroes depicted in the comics and choose the ones with whom they identify the most. Their understanding of how their individual contribution plays a significant role in the grand scheme of things was also deeply enhanced.

For us at The Orangeblowfish, it’s most rewarding to know that the team at Mindshare appreciates how the superpowers depicted in the comics can transcend the realm of art, infusing their daily routines with a genuine sense of heroism.

After all, everyone has the potential to be a superhero in their own way.

Interested in more mindshare work from 2016? Copy the link and check out:https://youtu.be/DatS60NmQ_s


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