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The Story.

Colgate-Palmolive constantly strives to evolve with the times to bring new innovations to life. That’s why, when Colgate-Palmolive engaged The Orangeblowfish to design their innovative space in Shanghai, we knew that we were called upon to design a space that would continue inspire their team to dream the impossible and make it happen.

Our Solution.

1) Implement smart technology solutions to strengthen key relationships with users, collaborators, and consumers.
To address the need for users to observe consumer behaviour, we incorporated a two-way mirror: one side for consumers to see their own reflection while the other side for users to observe the consumers. With a simple click on a remote control, users could bring it down from the ceiling, or have it stored away. The two-way mirror can also be used for live streaming purposes. We also integrated a mirror beside the cabinets to make the space seem larger than it is.

The red center island is the brand colour of Colgate-Palmolive and the hero product of the room. When users need the room for roundtables and official meetings, they sit around the island on highchairs. However, at the end of the island center, is a tap and basin, custom-designed to allow consumers to test products.

2) Foster a culture of belongingness through design.
The Orangeblowfish designed I Space with warm tones and natural wood flooring to promote the idea that individuals need to be comfortable co-working and sharing ideas. Users can adjust the lighting to create their own working atmosphere. Details were added to conceal unused electric cables and other equipment without taking up additional usable real estate and keep the space pristine. Visual and sound equipment were designed with care to ensure privacy and preventing unwanted noise and sound leaks.

The Orangeblowfish equipped I Space with a variety of chairs, ranging from highchairs for easy mobility to armchairs for silent or relaxed moments. The space was designed to encourage individuals to move around to gain a new perspective.

3) Enable immersive experiences to introduce or test innovative products and solutions through a multi-functional space.
In addition to I Space being a collaborative co-working space or temporary meeting room, it was also designed to bring immersive experiences to life. I Space can be transformed into a display and demo space that replicates a high-end experiential retail space where consumers can try out new products in a retail environment.

The Results

According to the General Manager of CIC China, “We had an idea of an Innovation Space, and The Orangeblowfish understood not just our vision for the space, but also our needs and space limitation. The Orangeblowfish was able to find the best execution of the small space, making it look professional and functional. Working with the team was smooth; they are agile and receptive, guiding and involving us along the design process which we are relatively new to.”


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