Client: FORD
Location: Shanghai


  • Brand development (social media stickers)

Find our Ford sticker designs on the most ubiquitous platform in China. Don’t know which one that is? Perhaps you’re not as woke as we thought.

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Social media is not just a service we offer. Sometimes the tables are turned when it bangs on our front door, offering us the craziest projects we’ve yet to face.

The Ford adventure started with a simple WeChat message: “Do you do stickers?” Of course, said The Chocolate Bunny – we already make them in our spare time!

And the fun we had on that ride, from researching which WeChat stickers people love to use (“silly and awkward” is the answer), to creating the most playful and relatable stickers for a global car brand looking to connect more emotionally with its audience in China?

Most unforgettable.


Balancing product and consumer design is always tough, and even tougher when considering the brevity of how WeChat stickers are used.

Originally meant as a “Thank you” reward for Ford customers on the FordPass app, these WeChat stickers, which started out as cars carrying positive messages, went through revisions before landing on the characterisation of a quirky boy and girl, zipping around in four distinct Ford cars.

Once everyone from Detroit to Shanghai was onboard, we jacked up the weirdly adorable duo with local catchphrases and classic pop-culture actions, such as the “ha-douken” and “power-up” victory moves for everyday circumstances.

Did it work? Let’s just say an estimated 350,000 people saw these stickers… plus we had intel on Henry Ford’s great granddaughter really liking them too.

4 Ford Stickers
From Mustangs to Raptors and Mondeos, everyone has imagined themselves owning one of these iconic Ford cars. It’s why we put the offbeat duo in them – everyone can at the least drive around in the cardboard box of one.
Ford Power up
Got to work during rush-hour traffic, and nary a crinkle in your perfectly pressed white shirt? Helped an old lady and her grandchildren cross the road? Guilt-tripped your boss into giving you extra unofficial days of leave? Someone press that power-up please.