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The Story.

Whilst Astrology is not science-based, for thousands of years, people have looked towards the stars for guidance and answers when they have needed it most. Your “star sign” is determined by where the sun, moon and planets were placed within the astrological constellations was on your birthday. There are 12 constellations: Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius and Sagittarius.

As such, when The Orangeblowfish started developing concepts and ideas for Zodiac, we knew that it would be challenging to break free of the cliché imagery ideas associated with astrological signs, to create a bar like no other in Shanghai. We continuously asked ourselves, How do we convey something that has been around for thousands of years, in a new and innovative way?”

Crazy about mixology and finding the perfect cocktail that best represents you and your star sign? Go check out Zodiac, located at 808 Shaanxi Bei Lu in Shanghai and mix up your own personalized cocktail!

Our Solution.

Whilst researching about how star signs are represented, we knew we didn’t want the bar to be a visual and literal representation of what astrology is. Therefore, we took inspiration from astrological artwork that everyone would be familiar with and added some modern touches to each art piece.

As you reach the main entrance of Zodiac, you’ll notice the half-moon in the logo, which is inspired by the night sky. Upon entering the 70 sqm U-shaped bar, the space’s burgundy-pink wall color is paired with dim lighting. The purpose is to draw attention to the baroque art filled with edgy and playful elements so that customers would explore and admire the space and each art piece, in a similar manner to appreciating art at a gallery.

One of the unique experiences at Zodiac, is taking the center stage and mixing up your own cocktail. To elevate the experience, The Orangeblowfish designed a magic mirror behind the cocktail station, which displays animations of the individual’s star sign. This further brings to life each wall art created and the overall Zodiac experience.

The Results.

Although the bar opened only recently, people are creating a buzz around Zodiac’s branding and wall art. According to Dianping, over 75% of customers have mentioned how interesting and unconventional the bar is and recommending more people to go and experience it for themselves!

Sophie Steiner from Shanghai That’s Mag was intrigued by how “these juxtaposing, satirical twists exemplify the overall feel of the space”.

The mystical atmosphere, coupled with Geo’s Valdvieso’s specially curated drinks and interactive cocktail making sessions, has made Zodiac a popular night-out spot for many consumers, who also want to take the perfect selfie shot for their WeChat or Instagram profile.


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