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The Story.

Since its conception and opening, UP has become one of the hottest and wildest spots in Shanghai. Combining a lounge-like space with booths aplenty, a huge bar, a central DJ booth, and plenty of space to dance about —This is one of Shanghai’s most Instagram-mable locations.

The Orangeblowfish was engaged to create a strong brand presence for UP. Inspired by reclaimed objects from the streets — essentially where the streets of New York meets Shanghai — we were the creative brains that helped bring the brand to life!

Our Solution.

We pulled together a dozen talented artists from in Shanghai – ranging from taggers and illustrators to graphic designers and more, to make this amazing space, one of the most Instagrammable places in Shanghai.

While designing any space, we try to first put ourselves in the shoes of the owner. Next, we examine the space from a consumer’s point of view. We ask ourselves – what would we want from that space? How can we improve the environment? How can we incorporate things to touch, feel, and see that enhance the experience of going out?
It’s funny, we don’t necessarily need to go out anymore. In this digital world, we can get everything we need through online shopping. Why do we want to go out? Because we still need to experience things in real life, and connect with other people.

However, consumers want more from those experiences now. It isn’t enough to have the best food or cocktails. We want a full on experience. So, how do we create these immersive environments that beg for people to go out and experience the world?

It’s not just an ordinary wall paper, it’s a tactile wall piece. Run your hand over the stickers and you’ll feel all those layers.

Old Neon
Filling the venue with old neon, the bathrooms have become the new “it” spot for taking selfies.

Reviving wall art from our own past, we brought the stenciled squatters that once graced the walls of Shanghai’s metro back to life.

Fortune Cats
Using small fortune cats and clay, more of Shanghai’s local culture was made into glistening golden statues in an homage to the venue’s roots.

Inspired by the works of Salvador Dalí, this was made into a clever optical illusion, all finished with a conductive copper tape.

The Kitchen
We created a logo that showcased the age of the kitchen through broken neon and redacted letters.

The Menu
Even the menu carries an air of less is more, with polaroid snapshots of dishes showcasing an IG-lifestyle-esque manner for more of that reclaimed, street side vibe.

The Results.

This fast-paced cocktail bar/urban-chic nightclub hybrid quickly became a hotspot for different personalities and culture to come together. A new venue and brand that is engaging, tactile, localised to its very core, and above all, honest.


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