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Redesigning the TKT Terrace in line with the new branding

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The Story.

Shanghai is considered one of the largest and most energic cities in the world. W Shanghai – The Bund is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Shanghai, China. The hotel occupies a piece of riverfront on the North Bund promenade in Hongkou, providing a great view of the Bund from the river-facing rooms or iconic outdoor terrace pool. W Shanghai – The Bund is known for its modern and avant-garde design, luxurious amenities, and innovative guest experiences.

The new branding of W Shanghai – The Bund is characterized by a bold and modern approach, along with a unique communication style that intrigues and entices people to become part of the W community. They hired The Orangeblowfish to redesign the TKT Terrace in line with the new branding, creating a non-conformist and distinctive hotel experience for guests.

The W Hotel brand already has an established presence in Shanghai, boasting breathtaking terrace views and a brunch scene that’s the envy of the city. Some of the design challenges we faced included designing a space that reflects W Shanghai’s modern and avant-garde design, and only certain areas of the terrace could be modified. Besides, working during the Covid lockdown period in April 2022 made everything difficult.

Our Solution.

1)Covered area: Private dining area (Cabana).
The creative solution was to build an open structure with a roof that was open at the back of the terrace, so as not to block the indoor pool area. The aim of designing the structure was to provide natural light and a feeling of openness that would include different levels and sections within the space. The giant red box shower area was removed to allow for wider panoramic views of the skyline. We incorporated both classic Shanghai shikumen colors, a traditional Shanghainese architectural style combining Western and Chinese elements and dining with chopsticks to create a unique and visually striking design. The repeated use of chopsticks to create a volume with varying densities not only provides a fresh perspective on traditional elements but also added to the dynamic energy of the W Shanghai atmosphere. To optimize views and enhance the design language, the cabanas were brought together as a single unit with varying degrees of openings. The use of banquette seating not only maximized seating capacity but also created a strong linear perspective. Additionally, square tables can be joined or separated to accommodate different group sizes, providing flexibility for guests.

2)Enhance the overall guest experience.
The existing brand motifs were used with a twist, including a change of color selection for the furniture to give it more personality. The idea was to create an iconic and photo-friendly space that still fit in with the overall ambiance of the hotel.

3)We increased the dining capacity by removing the decorative pool.
We created more floor space for dining tables that enabled the ease of patrons and staff moving around the space. A communal dining area surrounding the pool not only serves as a feature but also a photo opportunity for customers. We created a lively and vibrant atmosphere that brings the terrace to life. Lounge dining pockets were added to the design to create a sense of exclusivity and privacy for larger groups while also giving a lifestyle vibe. The end result elevated the overall experience of the guests.

4)Creating stylish options for requests for cover.
You got to admit the W Shanghai Terrace has a stunning view that you could look at for hours, even in the sweltering heat. But hey, who wants to be sunburnt when admiring the lovely view? To help create a comfortable environment for patrons, we designed visually striking umbrellas, that incorporated Chinese and tropical elements to evoke a sense of fun and relaxation. The illustration features synchronized swim girls wearing swimsuits styled after the traditional Qi-Pao dress, with their hair adorned with flowers. The background of the illustration is filled with lily pads and giant flowers in bright red colors, accented with small blue details. By incorporating these vibrant and playful elements, we aimed to create an umbrella design that is not only functional but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

The Results

For the re-opening, W Shanghai -The Bund organized a fitness and media dinner event. The new terrace has improved traffic flow and has enhanced the overall ambiance of the hotel.


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