Client: Lululemon
Location: Shanghai


  • Interior Wall Art
  • Design & Installation

Take a moment to appreciate this brand installation at Lululemon Shanghai Taihookui’s retail store. And, if we inspired your images, tag us at #ballsdeepinpaint.

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When Lululemon contacted our Boss Man, Siu Tang for a customized brand piece for their upcoming store at Taikoohui, we, who hadn’t stepped into a yoga studio since…(umm), were curious. How did you know about The Orangeblowfish, he enquired? Several sources apparently.

It is high praise to be recognized by your peers in this industry, especially so in China.

So, from the depths of our hearts, a big thank you to you good Samaritans out there. You know who you are.


Once upon a time, we could hold sirsasana for five minutes. But we also knew there was more to yoga than fancy lookin’ poses.

The breath is king of the mind, said the late BKS Iyengar. Going back to the roots of this philosophy: we designed a piece inspired by the ebb and flow of life, the unexplainable healing nature of the ocean, and incalculable breaths one would take in a lifetime.

breathe, Lululemon brand, Lululemon wall art, wall art in Shanghai
“I always remember the sound of the ocean breathing in at night”, commented Miguel, our talented creative designer, who comes from the Canary Islands.
Look closely, and you’ll see that there are 7 layers of wood. Each wood layer was specially carved, then installed. This creates a “dancing” visual effect when viewed from afar.
We had a tough time deciding between “Flow” and “Breathe”. In the end, we chose “Breathe”.