Branding Design for SOL37

For the new gastro-lounge’s name, logo design and brand VI.

W Suzhou


Brand VI
Logo Design

The Story.

SOL37 is a unique gastro-lounge located on the 37th floor of W Suzhou with a stunning view of Suzhou’s city. As the leading brand strategist, The Orangeblowfish was responsible for the new gastro-lounges’ name, logo design and brand VI.

Our Solution.

1) The name of SOL37:

“SOL” is a Spanish word that means “sun”, and “37” represents the location of the gastro-lounge. SOL37 also enhances and magnifies the feelings brought by our unique lighting installations in the space. SOL expresses a warm and welcoming atmosphere, optimizing the experience along with other design elements in the space.

2) Duality design:

Whether it’s the interior design or the culinary features of SOL37, they are full of surprises with dual elements. TOBF take “duality” as the core idea of the design, the logo’s black and gold colours, as well as the double lines, present the contrasting elements of SOL37.

3)Thoughtful details:

The line that links “L”to “7”, embodies the journey patrons from the first to the 37th floor. The slender and curvy font was custom designed by TOBF, to reflect the long tunnels and turnings within the gastro-lounge, while the elegant style highlights the luxurious atmosphere.

The Results

Combining the interior design and menu features of SOL37, the TOBF team has developed a series of brand identity designs that harmoniously unify visual systems and spatial elements, creating a unique dining experience for SOL37.

On May, 2023, W Suzhou held a media event called “SOL37 DESIGN TEASERS” for SOL37. Siu Tang, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Orangeblowfish and team members took part in this event to share their creative inspiration behind designing the logo and name for SOL37.

“SOL37 is a new gastro-lounge setting a new experience for W Suzhou residents and visitors. TOBF team were incredibly professional and attentive to our needs. They took the time to understand our vision for SOL37, and crafted a brand name and logo that strongly reflected what we had in mind,” commented by the Director of Marketing & Communication for W Suzhou.


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