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Creative Branding In China: Lessons For Connecting With Post-Covid Consumers

Siu Tang, Founder and Executive Creative Director, discussed with PRovoke Media the changes in how retail brands connect with consumers in China and how global brands can capitalise on these trends. He also spoke about why local insight is critical to overcoming hurdles in the country.

Source: PRovoke Media

Eight Powerful Examples Of Women In Leadership

In this interview, Managing Partner Natalie Lowe shares her thoughts on leadership.

Source: Forbes

Interview: International Women’s Day: How to #BreakTheBias

Natalie Lowe, Managing Partner, along with other industry experts gave her perspective about breaking the bias in an interview with PR Newswire Asia.

Source: PR Newswire Asia
Transform Asia Awards

The Orangeblowfish Takes Home First Award from 2021 Transform Asia 

The 2021 Transform Awards honors and rewards the most innovative, creative and successful brand work across the world. At this year’s eighth annual Transform Awards Asia, The Orangeblowfish took home Highly Commended in the Best Brand Experience Category for our client work produced for the Budweiser Drop 158 Festival.

Source: Transform Magazine
Adapting Cultures

How Global Brands Can Adapt to Local Culture: Q&A with Siu Tang

In this Q&A with Provoke Media, Siu Tang, our founder & executive creative director delves into the cultural differences between the West and the East for brands.

Source: PRovoke Media
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Top Three Creative Branding Trends in China

Every international business and brand leader in China knows that East versus West is an inescapable dilemma for brands. If you’re new to China market trends, how do you tell the difference between fads and trends? In this article, The Orangeblowfish shares three creative brand trends in China.

Source: PRovoke Media

The Orangeblowfish Wins Two Creative Awards – 2021 IN2SABRE Awards (APAC) 

The Orangeblowfish’s creative work for Budweiser takes the first prize as Winner for the 2021 IN2SABRE Award (APAC) and branding and brand experience work for Zodiac is given Certificate of Excellence.

Source: PRovoke Media

The Orangeblowfish is Shortlisted for Creative Agency of the Year (2021)

The Orangeblowfish has been shortlisted as Creative Agency of the Year, for APAC. Provoke Media’s Asia-Pacific Consultancies of the Year awards recognizes the region’s best firms across the industry! This year, PRovoke Media received more than 125 submissions from Agencies across Asia-Pacific.

Source: PRovoke Media

Wonder Woman: Natalie Lowe from The Orangeblowfish

From a PR senior executive to a business owner, and mum of two, Natalie Lowe, managing partner of The Orangeblowfish, shares how motherhood inspired her to leave a jet-setting career to thrive at a business closer to home.


The Challenge Of Localising A Global Brand In China

Many brands miss opportunities in China by not understanding how to adapt their global DNA to a very different local culture. In this feature story originally first published on Provoke Media, Siu Tang, Founder and Creative Director of The Orangeblowfish highlights the fact that global brands often struggle to localize their global brand strategy and assets that resonate with the Chinese audience.


Misconceptions About Strategic Branding & Marketing In China

Natalie Lowe, managing partner, along with three other industry experts, spoke to Provoke Media to uncover some of the misconceptions about branding and marketing in China. Read more to get some advice on how to navigate China’s market complexities.


Best Branding & Identity Winner at IN2SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2020

The Orangeblowfish took home the top winning spot for 2020’s APAC IN2SABRE Awards for Best Branding & Identity work for their client brand The Broken Dagger.

SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2020 finalists

SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2020 finalists

“The 2020 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2020 shortlist recognizes Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation and Engagement. The campaigns were evaluated by a jury of more than 60 industry leaders.The winners will be announced at the virtual SABRE Awards ceremony on September 24, along with the Agencies of the Year. Tickets for the virtual ceremony are available here.

Siu Tang, creative director, The Orangeblowfish

Artistpreneur Spotlight – Siu Tang, Founder | Creative Director Of The Orangeblowfish

Siu Tang, founder and executive creative director of The Orangeblowfish, talks to Indie Artist Go about why he set up The Orangeblowfish and what inspires him to continue doing what he calls his “dream job”.

Functional and creative branding strategies

Functional and creative branding strategies

Siu Tang, executive creative director and founder of The Orangeblowfish talks to Shine about his daily inspirations, when he’s most creative, what he likes most about Shanghai, and the next big trends.

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Liquid Laundry: 6 Years of Awesomeness

“To boldly go where no client has gone before.” ——This sums up our epic ride with Liquid Laundry.
It was a historical win for The Orangeblowfish in 2013 when Liquid Laundry chose to work with us, to conceptualize their new restaurant branding. Since Liquid Laundry’s launch six years ago, this contemporary space has become one of Shanghai’s most iconic hangout spots.

Source: The Orangeblowfish Official WeChat
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Content is King: Webinar Q&A

Creating the right message, and delivering it in a way that will engage, resonate and leave a lasting impression can be difficult. For this webinar, we teamed up with The Conference Board, a member-driven think tank that delivers trusted insights for what’s ahead. Siu Tang, our Creative Director, delivered a session “Content is King”, bringing forth a discussion on how to navigate the “new normal” of brand storytelling.

Daily Scanner, The Orangeblowfish, creative agency in Shanghai

The Orangeblowfish is a creative agency that’s as unique as it is innovative

When it comes to creative/branding agencies, there’s a broad spectrum of quality out there. Many agencies try to sell themselves as unique and energetic, but few actually fit the bill the way The Orangeblowfish does.

Siu Tang, founder and executive creative director speaks with The Daily scanner about what makes The Orangeblowfish unique and innovative.

Coronavirus: desperate overseas firms turn to China as lockdowns hit home

Coronavirus: desperate overseas firms turn to China as lockdowns hit home

As China slowly grinds back into activity after a two-month hiatus, the opposite is happening elsewhere, meaning amid widespread lockdowns, global businesses desperate to maintain operations are now looking for solutions where economies are gradually improving.

Natalie Lowe, managing partner of The Orangeblowfish, about how covid-19 helped the Agency pivot into new service offerings.

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Creative Brand Experience Now and Beyond

Webinar: The Future of Brand Experience. We wanted to share how we adapted our strategy to position our brand for success and wanted to help our clients and other business owners to do the same. This is exactly why we teamed up with Garage Academy to bring you a free webinar to deliver impactful creative solutions.

Local hearts are lovely: Showing the faces of our 12 days of Christmas charity fundraiser

Local hearts are lovely: Showing the faces of our 12 days of Christmas charity fundraiser

Local hearts are lovely: Showing the faces of our 12 days of Christmas charity fundraiser.


2019 Austrade – Australia China Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This award recognises alumni who have demonstrated their entrepreneurial and/or innovative abilities in any industry sector. Nominees can be the owner of, partner in, or investor in an innovative and forward-looking company, or they may have implemented successful entrepreneurial programs in a large company. All nominees should be able to show their creativity, resourcefulness and sustainability, as well as how their work has benefitted wider society.


How Not To Kill Your Spouse At Work: Five Strategies For Making It Work As A Married-Business Couple

Anyone that has entered into a business arrangement with their partner knows, you will more than likely butt heads. There are pros and cons to owning a business with your spouse, but for those of you who are already committed to taking the plunge, Natalie Lowe, managing partner of The Orangeblowfish lists 5 strategies for making it work as a married-business couple!


The Orangeblowfish

Wobabybasics offers a simplified thoughtfully designed collection of children’s clothing (0-8 years) made of GOTS certified organic cotton and produced with a commitment to quality, fair trade and the environment. Wobabybasics materialized after the arrival of designer Sherry Poon’s firstborn.


Rabbit Holes in Shanghai

Siu Tang talked to Neo Cha about his early career days as a street artist, and some of the rapidly disappearing neighborhoods in Shanghai’s Wangjiamatou area. In his earlier career days as an artist, Siu produced countless pieces of street art all around the city, in areas that are in the process of being demolished to make way for commercial high-rises.


CaoHeJing Innovation Incubator

In 2014 CaoHeJing commissioned us to redevelop an exisiting Shanghai office building into an innovation incubator for Hi-Tech start-up companies. Our proposal was to overclad and unify the existing rendered concrete facade utilising a corrugated and perforated polyester powder coated aluminium skin.


LAN Hotel and Spa Branded by The Orangeblowfish 

Lan Hotel and Spa is a 228-room boutique hotel for global travelers with an interest in winter sports and resort design. The hotel’s architecture, led by Shanghai-based architects red design, draws inspiration from the geological strata of the volcano after which Changbaishan is named.


My creative leap from corporate to creativity: Siu Tang at TEDxSuzhou

If you haven’t heard of Siu Tang’s journey, then this TEDx talk is for you.
Siu Tang, founder and creative director of The Orangeblowfish. After spending more than 10 years in a thriving headhunting career, he ditched his suit for casual T-shirt and shorts, and pursued his passion for art and design. He has vowed to never wear a suit and tie again, for as long as he can. In his TEDx talk, Siu speaks about the three values he holds close to his heart, that has enabled him to be doing his dream job.


Interview: Geo Valdivieso & Victor Doukov on their New ‘Cocktail Club’

Since meeting at M1NT Shanghai five years ago, fast friends Geo Valdivieso and Victor Doukov have wanted to open something together. After completing other big-name projects such as Revolucion Cocktail (Victor) and The Captain (Geo), the duo teamed up and created UP.  And of course, UP Shanghai’s brand concept for The Kitch and the venue’s environmental graphic design (EGD) was completed by The Orangeblowfish!


Night market meets pop-culture in The Orangeblowfish’s bonobo izakaya

Self-described as ‘a sexy version of izakaya’, the ‘bonobo’ restaurant in Shanghai is equal parts night market, 80s Taiwanese beer house, and iconic pop-culture archive. The izakaya eatery takes a light-hearted approach to client needs that results in an identity of memorable visual cues. Designed by The Orangeblowfish – of course!


Power Parents of Shanghai: Natalie Lowe and Siu Tang of The Orangeblowfish

Shortly after the pair met at a ‘really bad’ comedy show in Hong Kong, Natalie Lowe was transferred to Shanghai for work in 2007, and Siu Tang was hot on her heels. Fast-forward 12 years and two VIP additions to their family, six-year-old Aaden and three-year-old Tyler, Siu is the founder and creative mastermind behind homegrown branding agency The Orangeblowfish (TOBF), while Nat – aka ‘The Boss’ – is the force driving the company forward and expanding its reach.


Running A Successful Business With Your Spouse: Top 3 Pros And Cons

You want to start a business with your husband. Seems like the most logical choice and perfect situation, right? After all, your husband is your best friend; understands you inside-out; knows your strengths and weaknesses; and you both have the same family and financial goals. What could go possibly wrong?


The Orangeblowfish branding

The Orangeblowfish is a creative agency based in Shanghai. All we do is cool shit.We specialize in branding, graphic design, wall art, and digital communications. We work with start-ups and leading global brands such as Google, Alipay, Costa Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Mindshare, Nike, Liquid Laundry, Boxing Cat Brewery, LAN Hotel, Wagas Group, Element Fresh, YSL, Shu Umera and more.



As you may remember in December 2018, The Orangeblowfish organized the 12 Days of Christmas Charity Fundraiser to raise funds to sponsor a child born with congenital heart defects (CHD).With the support of The Orangeblowfish friends and family, we raised over RMB 11,000. Together, we were able to raise funds for a wonderful cause, and it only took two weeks!