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The Story.

Moxy is a stylish and playful hotel brand delivering an unconventional hotel experience. After opening Moxy’s first hotel in China, Marriott decided to open in more locations across the country. Marriott engaged The Orangeblowfish to be their Creative Partner for two of its locations in China – Xi’an and Nanjing.

Moxy Xi’an is the first hotel of the Moxy brand in Northwest China. Xi’an has a history of more than 3,100 years and is home to six cultural relics and historic sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list. While Moxy celebrates nonconformity, open-mindedness, and originality above all. Our biggest challenge was how do we maintain Moxy’s global DNA, whilst making it relevant to millennials in China? Especially in a city that has such a rich history.

Our Solution.

Through our creative learning and understanding phases, we discovered Qingqiang Opera is a powerful form of Chinese Opera that was founded in Xi’an. Qingqiang Opera has long influenced China’s modern rock scene. Xi’an’s music culture has been gaining significant traction and support. Fast forward to a thousand years later, music continues to be a strong part of Xi’an’s culture. The way the locals celebrate with music varies. Each type of musical performance celebrates the spirit that music brings to our souls. Moxy’s creative strategy embodies the evolution of music, especially rock and roll.

During our creative process, we also identified a suitable mascot for Moxy Xi’an. We learned that the tiger is symbolic for peace, protecting one’s wealth and driving away evil. In ancient times, families passed the traditional “cloth tiger” from generation to generation. In today’s modern world, many toys have replaced the cloth tiger. But the cloth tiger is meaningful because it carried many courage features to protect one from harm. The cloth tiger was also designed to have childlike features such as a big head, a large mouth and eyes as well as a long tail.

Based on these cultural references, we told Moxy’s brand story throughout the hotel venue, using the cloth tiger and rock music in a modern way.

Life is a Stage, Don’t Fall Off!
We put a bit of tongue and cheek when infusing presence of the brand mascot throughout the hotel. For example, you’ll see a life-size butt of the cloth tiger on one side of a wall, and his head on the other side. The message is clear: Life is short. Take life by the horns and charge!

Xi’an Rocks!
Music awakens our souls. We filled rock and roll inspired brand installations throughout the hotel. From having a drink with your friends, to calling a hotel guest and even in employee locker rooms!

The Results.

Since Moxy Xi’an opened in 2021, we have seen raving social media reviews online complimenting the hotel design. Our more than life brand installations have empowered guests to have fun and share their most Instagrammable #atthemoxy moment on social.
“The design of the hotel is amazing, very stylish and Instagrammable, a perfect place to stay for young people.” Commented the guests on social media.

Designing Moxy Xi’an’s Brand Experience

Moxy is Marriott’s stylish and playful lifestyle brand, targeting millennial travelers who are modern and edgy. We’re super excited to show you how we’ve maintained Moxy’s global DNA, while integrating Xi’an’s local culture into its brand experience.


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