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The Story.

When it was time for a logo refresh, Lorraine Lee, founder of Inward, chose to work with The Orangeblowfish. Lorraine wanted a modern and inclusive brand that would reflect Inward’s core values.

Inward is a global community-based platform founded in 2020 by Lorraine Lee. Inward encourages us to support each other while raising awareness and education around mental health. Mental health impacts everyone in different ways. Some feel anxiety, loneliness, isolation, trauma, and challenges to cope with daily life. Many who experience mental health may also feel ashamed about getting support.  Mental health is a topic that affects everyone, and we should be able to talk about it openly.

Our Solution.

Mental health brands can come across clinical and make us feel like we’re “ill”. Completing the Inward logo refresh was a creative challenge for The Orangeblowfish due to its simplicity in nature. The visual representation of Inward’s logo needed to be approachable, authentic and open. On top of this, Lorraine wanted the new logo to be pink, in upper case, bold, and memorable. She wanted it to be different from all other logos associated with mental health.

As the name suggests, Inward asks individuals to look inside themselves and accept what is happening – or has happened – without feeling ashamed. Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. Hence Lorraine wanted the new logo to empower people to have the courage to overcome this.

As we stepped into the shoes of someone going through trauma, we realized the power of conflict. We designed logos using a variety of contrasting colors to represent “conflict”, such as black and white, or pink and black. We also conceptualized the logo with different fonts – upper and lower case. Lorraine wanted the logo in upper case. But after a few rounds, we opted for the Inward logo refresh to be simple, elegant and hand drawn in lower case to give it a more welcoming and personable feeling.

Refreshing Inward’s Logo

According to Inward’s founder, Lorraine Lee, “The Orangeblowfish is unconventional and renowned for bringing brands to life in meaningful ways. I am really proud of the logo refresh they’ve created for Inward.”

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