The Broken Dagger

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The Broken Dagger


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The Story.

“All gods are man-made.” This quote from Geo inspired our overall creation. Just like classic cocktails, all legends have their creators. In order to echo this concept, we introduced the ancient image of a dagger into the naming convention to symbolize the hero’s journey that often occurs in myths. And “The Broken Dagger” indicates that myths get spun and repurposed, intertwining old and new. Risen from the ashes of the old world The Broken Dagger represents the rebirth of fallen gods born in a new era. Its abbreviation “TBD” (to be determined) also expresses the unknown state of “to be determined”. What is more unknown than the future of a night out? Past meets present, The Broken Dagger is full of old-world charm and modern twists.

Our Solution.

In a city that’s seen everything, how do you make a bar stand out?

This project had several unique challenges:

  • How do you project exclusivity without being pretentious?
  • How to pack an unforgettable brand experience into a compact space? The bar’s location used to be a convenience store!
  • How do you mix old-world charm in a modern megacity?

First, The Orangeblowfish along with Geo Valdivieso created the bar’s brand concept, visual identity and a distinctive serving ritual from scratch.  Kudos to creates interior design, to help bring this project to life. Geo, the founder, is a prominent Shanghai mixologist, who previously managed the bar backstage of Unico, The Captain, M1NT and UP Shanghai; the latter which was also under the creative direction of The Orangeblowfish.

The Results.

The Broken Dagger has already solidified its place as a “slick, new speakeasy “that’s hidden in plain sight” according to food bloggers and patrons alike. Swing by Xiangyang Lu and check it out for yourself!


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