Client: Lil’ Laundry
Location: Shanghai


  • Graphic design
  • Rebranding
  • Wall art

LIL’ LAUNDRY is located at 1378 Nanjing West Road, Jingan. Pop in for a few beers. And if you like what you see, shout out by tagging #ballsdeepinpaint.

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As a creative, it is hard topping one of your best work. Our piece for Liquid Laundry was one of our our finest brand projects to-date, forming the indisputable benchmark of what The Orangeblowfish was capable of.

So, when an old friend called, asking if we could attempt another chart-topper for the Liquid Laundry family… naturally, we shat our pants a little. How do we best ourselves? Deep down though, we already knew we’d say yes.

This was how our work for Lil’ Laundry began.

Lil’ Laundry

True to her name, Lil’ Laundry was a lot littler than Liquid Laundry. Set in a prime location at The Shanghai Centre on Nanjing West Road, Lil’ Laundry had huge shoes to fill. Our task was to design a space for her to fly wild, while maintaining the same degree of sass, fun and home-brewed honesty her older sister was known for.