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The Story.

Bonobo previously known as Dakota was out to do a rebrand and they approached The Orangeblowfish for fresh ideas. One thing we noticed was that Bonobo was situated on a bar street where people would come out after partying and going to the street stalls to buy midnight snacks. So we proposed creating a brand that would draw in the crowd from the streets, where they order small bites of food with monster flavours. And hence Bonobo was born.

Our concept was inspired by night markets, Taiwanese beer houses of the ’80s, and the Japanese izakaya style of small bites of food — just, an updated sexy version of that.

Our Solution.

While the client loved the idea, the challenge for us was to create a refined and elegant version of the night street markets.

We used low tech with the designs of the Asian night market concept and that meant the designs had to reflect the night market’s look and feel but in a funky and hip way. We referenced night markets by using neon lights and colourful paper for menu, chopstick holders and drink coasters. These ideas allowed us to play off the traditional home printed method in a more professional manner. Using neon in doors also presented its own problems. Neon can overpower a space and can also be distracting as we had designed two wall arts to interacts with each other. To solve this problem we encased the neon in black glass. Thereby dimming the overall effect and still allow the neon to be visible when taking pictures.


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