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The Story.

The latest collection of Arc’teryx, System_A, is the brand’s vision of casual daily wear for a younger audience. Considered as the street-savvy alternative to the main Arc’teryx line, System_A blends outdoor technology with an urban aesthetic and uses GORE-TEX 3L fabric to provide waterproof and windproof outerwear. The 2022 Spring Summer collection is called Komorebi, the Japanese word for sunlight filtering through trees.

Arc’teryx engaged TOBF to design an engaging pop-up branded art installation that would bring nature and outdoor adventure to Shanghai.

Our Solution.

Inspired by the Komorebi pattern and the brand’s spirit of adventure, visitors entering the brand multi-sensory experience enjoyed an immersive journey that would take them into the heart of the forest and away from Shanghai’s urban jungle.

Visual Experience:
We created an eye-catching and mysterious masterpiece to inspire the curiosity of customers. What was hidden inside the mysterious black box with the large 2 meter diameter light sphere circling above?

The exterior design featured thousands of dots to form the mountains of Canada’s north coast and the origins of Arc’teryx. The backlit wall created an illuminated mountain field that was visible from afar. Once inside, visitors stepped away from city life and entered a mini forest surrounded by clouds.

The giant sun-like sphere hung above the brand installation, is representative of the different hour of the day. Taking thirty minutes for a full rotation, visitors get a different experience depending on the time they enter the pop-up store. In addition, the sunlight allowed visitors to experience the changing light and shadows created inside the installation, creating the “Komorebi” effect.

On the ceiling, we created patterns of leaves, to help the sunsphere create the effect of sunlight through the trees.

We created trees from glass pillars, and each pillar contained the Komorebi clothing collection. The pillars were motion activated, and revealed pieces of the collection when visitors passed by.

Sound Experience:
Sound played an important role in influencing the overall experience. We played nature sounds throughout the space so that customers would be totally immersed in the forest.

Scent Experience:
Research shows that scents are strongly tied to emotions and memories. To further bring the world of nature to life, we chose a forest scent that was diffused through the clouds.

Touch and feel Experience:
In addition to the misty air, we used a rough, plastic flooring to create the sensation of walking on a muddy trail.

Social Experience:
Every corner of the art installation was designed to be posted on social media, so customers could show how they had immersed themselves in nature in the heart of Shanghai.

Retail Space:
At the end of the experiential journey, visitors entered the uniquely designed pop-up retail space. But although they were in a store, the brightness of the retail space gave it the effect of coming out of a cave. Light filled the space through the softly-illuminated ceiling panels, while the reflective wall panels made the space feel bigger.

The Results.

Arc’teryx showcased the pop-up branded art installation across China in three major cities. The first stop of the roadshow took place at the Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai.


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