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The Story.

Innovation in brand-building is about taking an approach that hasn’t been taken before; having the vision to see things differently and putting that vision into action. Oh Yeah Brewing is nestled in the center of Beijing’s business district of Guo Mao, amongst architectural landmarks such as the CCTVx tower and the China World Trade Centre. With Beijing’s financial hub as its neighboring clientele, the brewery looks to attract the up-and-coming affluent Chinese who seek a relaxed yet more modern social environment. The well-traveled Chinese founder wanted to develop a new atmosphere that would challenge the hard-surfaced, grungy, industrial garages of your typical craft beer bar. An experienced expert in microbrewing and F&B boss put his dream into practice: creating a beer paradise to allow city-dwellers to escape from the difficulties and pressures of urban life. He wanted to create a comfortable space where people could sit back with friends for hours-on-end, enjoying delicious bites and uncomplicated, easy-to-drink, fresh beer.

Our Solution.

The bold and large space provided a large canvas for us to innovate and create, but it also required us to create a brand story and experience that wouldn’t get lost amongst the bold architecture. Formerly the site of an aviation parts factory, the double-height brewery is the centerpiece of the space, spanning two levels and presses up into the ten-meter high ceiling. The flourishing garden oasis of the three distinct interior areas married stainless steel, earth textures, and natural green elements. Oh Yeah Brewing upgraded the scale of local brewing, bringing Beijing a welcome escape from the urban buzz.

Brand Slogan
Oh Yeah! Brewing’s “Fresh As” slogan and playful logo epitomize the brand’s values of handcrafted brews and a tasteful environment but are also a nod to the need for fun and relaxation.

Logo Color Variations
In contrast with the natural open spaces, the brand elements are bright and fun. Each flavor of brew was matched with a unique logo color variation.

Oh Yeah! has several bold signage placements: on the front of the building, within the seating area, and across the steel entrance.

Wall Art
Many elements such as wall art, wallpaper, and menu pay homage to Beijing, using characters from the Great Wall to goldfish. Handcrafted branded beers contained in brightly colored bottles pepper the spirit of freshness throughout the brewery. Using collectible beer mats, patrons can make sure they indulge in a sip of each flavor. Employee t-shirts give the brand a sports team-like following, solidifying Oh Yeah! as one of the most iconic brands of Beijing.

A microbrewery that’s big on bold flavor needs packaging to match. We created logo variations to match each beer flavor, employee t-shirts, and collectible beer mats.

The Results.

In the process of redefining the modern brewery, The Orangeblowfish created a modern brand that playfully mixes traditional with contemporary to create craft brewing on a grand scale. This clever and harmonious brand experience solidifies Oh Yeah! as one of the most iconic brands in Beijing.

Oh Yeah!  has already solidified its place as a “craft-brewing destination” that provides “one of China’s iconic brewing experiences” according to food bloggers and patrons alike. Swing by Guomao and check it out for yourself!


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