A wish with good fortune and progress into the New Year.


Chow Sang Sang


  • KV design
  • Red Packet design
  • VM design
The Story.

The Year of the Dragon begins on 10th February, 2024. Did you know that the Dragon is considered an auspicious and extraordinary creature that possesses talent and excellence? It symbolizes power, nobility, honour, luck, and success. As such, 2024 is predicted to bring opportunities, changes, and challenges that will shake things up a bit!

As we enter the Year of the Dragon, The Orangeblowfish created new graphic series for Chow Sang Sang. The brand’s Lunar New Year tagline is “龙转新岁,鱼跃迎春”. The literal translation is “A Dragon Turns to New Year, Fish Leaps into Spring”, which symbolizes good fortune and progress into the New Year.

Our Solution.

As part of the campaign, we designed four key visuals using different composition styles with the dragon and fish being the main elements. The cover of the gift box features a Dragon Pearl with the Chow Sang Sang logo, adorned with auspicious clouds and waves.

May you rise with the Power of the Dragon in 2024!


The first KV features dragons and fish swimming around a central large dragon pearl. Expresses the tagline: “龙转新岁,鱼跃迎春” .

The second KV incorporates the concept of Chow Sang Sang’s 90th anniversary, with the dragon and fish shapes forming the numbers “90.”

The third KV showcases dragons and fish intertwining and ascending diagonally, symbolizing prosperity and flourishing wishes.

The fourth KV depicts the dragon and fish forming an infinity symbol, incorporating the brand philosophy of “Sustained Vitality, Ever Rejuvenated.”

Once opened, you will see the main visual of the dragon and a Koi Fish made with two red packets. This symbolizes good luck and as the clouds slowly part, it reveals the auspicious greeting of the dragon and fish.

In the display window, we created a sense of fluidity, that expresses the theme of harmony between the dragon and fish, and the continuity of life.


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