LAN Hotel & Spa

Branding and energetic Wall-art for a new Ski-resort

LAN Hotel & Spa


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The Story.

If there’s one thing the last 5.5 years has taught us, it’s that regional brand projects are as demanding as they are fun. Exotic places in China! Except getting there can be a real pain-in-the-arse… it’s $!@#% not “just a plane ride” away!

When LAN Hotel & Spa in Changbaishan (Jilin, China) asked if The Orangeblowfish was keen to create a brand identity for them, we… paused. Were we willing to disrupt our deliciously mundane Shanghai routines for a chance to design an amazing public space for a boutique hotel?

Hell. Yeah!

Imaginating LAN Hotel

“Feels like a government building…” said our team, when we first stepped foot into the clinical space. Not the stuff dreams or ski vacations are made of. The hotel, which was based in the Changbaishan resort area, was in dire need of a personality. We set off to do what we do best: make sh*t more fun, modern and approachable. LAN’s brand creation was inspired by the ancient Chinese yet ingenious tangram. Use simple, clean shapes to create several graphics, for Lan’s brand identity and different areas of the hotel space too.


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