Client: Mary Rezek
Location: USA


  • Global brand strategy
  • Integrated communications strategy, content creation and execution
  • Website development, execution and management
  • Digital communications
  • Brand identity and merchandising

Get to know MARY REZEK at her official homepage, Twitter  and LinkedIn. Leaders, keep an eye out for her global facilitation events.

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When Silicon Valley / Shanghai-based global executive coach Mary Rezek met The Boss at TEDxPuxi (formerly known as TEDxShanghai Women), sparks flew. Fists bumped. Two bullshit bombers knew it was going to be a match made in heaven.

Over drinks, Mary asked the question, “So what do you guys actually do. You seem to know a lot about this digital marketing stuff.” And that’s when the beautiful romance began.


We’ve aced corporate fun. It was time to hit the C-level notes.

Taking on Mary was akin to winning the ballsy client lottery. Finally, an executive leader who wasn’t afraid of saying it like it is, raw and real. From assessing her global brand strategy and ensuring her opinion pieces were always relevant for her US and Asia-based clients, we were constantly engaged and diligent in communicating her “no bullshit” brand moniker across all assets – namely, her re-branded collateral, toolkits, and the “So What?” blogAfter all, nothing is more exciting and satisfying than working with one of the most brilliant executive coaches in Silicon Valley, and Shanghai, China.