Client: Costa Coffee
Location: Hangzhou


  • Graphic design
  • Wall art

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We love coffee. Which creative agency doesn’t?

Heart-palpitating espressos aside, we do harbor a deeper affection for something else though.

And that’s having a leading coffee brand such as Costa Coffee work with us.

Costa’s brand story has always been one of artisanal craft and taste.

The challenge for us was to create a meaningful mural for them that represented their thoughtful and skillfully blended coffee process.

Costa Coffee

This Costa Coffee brand piece, which holds a special place in our hearts, is situated at Alibaba’s Hangzhou headquarters. We can’t say you’ll be able to get in, but if you do, remember to tag #ballsdeepinpaint in your pictures.

Our hand drawn wall art was for Costa’s flagship store at Alibaba’s Hangzhou headquarters.
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Less is more. We used a simple color palette to ensure the wall elements blended with the surrounding furniture and existing shop space.
Lighting matters. Through strategic positioning of key light sources, we heightened the reflective qualities of the gold elements, causing the design to shimmer and pop off the wall from certain viewpoints.