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Branding Lounge By Topgolf’s First Entertainment Venue in China!

Lounge By Topgolf

Central Plaza, No.227, Huangpi North Road Floor 2, Huangpu Shanghai China

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The Story.

Topgolf is a leading technology-enabled global sports and entertainment brand that connects fans in a meaningful way through technology, competitive entertainment, and food and beverage services. Topgolf has more than 60 venues and hosts more than 20 million customers annually. In 2021, Topgolf opened its first store in Shanghai, China with a space of more than 2,700 s.q.m.

Topgolf engaged The Orangeblowfish to provide creative consulting and EGD services to bring their brand story to life and develop a unique and memorable brand experience for golf and entertainment lovers in Shanghai!

Our Solution.

During our creative concept development stage, we carefully observed the golf swing.
When we think about golf and the golf swing, it is a complex movement involving the whole body. This movement transforms into a momentum that propels it to hit the golf ball with precision. Hence, we applied the creative concept, “Motion in Art” throughout the venue space.

When designing the EGD and brand installations, we ensured that each piece would:
(a) give the motion-like-effect resembling people moving and;
(b) using the interplay light contrasts, give people a visual experience beyond expectations.

On top of this, we identified three main keywords that resonated with the Topgolf brand: swing (golf), sing (karaoke) and wing (tasty chicken wings). So, we developed this as the brand’s slogan and focused on a set of creative strategies to reflect these characteristics in the details of the space.

SWING, SING, WING: We used signage to reflect the brand’s three keywords: Swing, Sing and Wing. The letters of these three English words are very similar, so we grouped the three “Swing” words together. We then produced the signage by controlling the brightness of the letters, where the three words would be displayed simultaneously. The interplay of light contrast gives people a visual experience beyond expectations.

High Balls Low Key: This slogan represents the Western heritage of Topgolf as well as the three amazing experiences offered at this one-stop venue. “Highball” reflects the cocktail as well as the golf swing. Upon a closer look, you will notice that the dot at the top of the letter “i” is replaced by a small luminous golf ball. “Low key” indicates the bass in the music, made in reference to the karaoke rooms. Low key can also be interpreted as low-profile, symbolizing that Topgolf is a brand that only wants to offer great experiences without being over the top.

Karaoke (卡拉OK): We created signage that depicted the word “Karaoke” that would also read well in Simplified Chinese. “卡拉OK” (Ka La OK) is the Chinese pronunciation for Karaoke and we replaced the OK hand gesture with a golf ball held between the thumb and index finger, to show that it’s “OK” to have fun.

The Results.

During the soft opening period, Topgolf quickly became Shanghai’s new instagrammable spot for KOLs, Gen Z and individuals looking for a new experience. Customers have shared praises on Chinese social media platforms such as Dianping and Little Red Book regarding the venue’s environment and expressing the desire to return for more. In the latest rating listed on Dianping, Lounge by Topgolf scored 4.7 out of 5, and was ranked in the top 10 of the latest food environment lists.

SWING, SING, WING at Topgolf ‘s First Entertainment Venue in China

Let’s face it – it’s hard to find a good spot where you can swing some golf, sing as well as wing good food. Thank goodness for Topgolf!

Check out how The Orangeblowfish brought Topgolf’s story to life at their first entertainment venue in Shanghai, China!

*Photos and video courtesy of Topgolf


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