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The Story.

Since 1989 the Drainage Services Department (DSD), Hong Kong has been providing world-class waste and storm water drainage services, helping clean up the water in and around Hong Kong and restore its marine life. But its unglamourous and rather functional name meant its contribution to the health of Hong Kong’s marine environment was easy to overlook.

When The Orangeblowfish was approached by the DSD to create a branded sculpture to represent its importance to the overall well-being of Hong Kong’s clean waters – we were all for it!

The Challenge

The DSD wanted a custom sculpture that was low maintenance and embodied their vision and mission. It goes without saying that we knew the sculpture had to honour their thirty years of service to the sustainable development of Hong Kong. This project from concept to unveiling took over a year, but I’m sure you will agree that the results were absolutely worth the time and effort.

Our Solution

Inspired by the success of DSD in improving the water quality in Victoria Harbour and the resultant recovery of marine life, The Orangeblowfish created ‘Fish:1989’. A sculpture with 1,989 individual fish swimming in unison towards the goal of higher water quality. Thanks to careful positioning of the fish and subtle variations in colour the sculpture created a new, and iconic, representation of the DSD logo.

1989 was unveiled at the DSD’s 30th anniversary celebration. To see it in action visit their website here.


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