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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020 TOBF

Webinar: The Future of Brand Experience

We wanted to share how we adapted our strategy to position our brand for success and wanted to help our clients and other business owners to do the same. This is exactly why we teamed up with Garage Academy to bring you a FREE WEBINAR to deliver impactful creative solutions. On June 23rd 5pm, we invite you to discuss the future of brand experience with The Orangeblowfish’s  Founder and Creative Director Siu Tang, along with two industry experts Francis Oldfield and Bhavini Raval.

Why Brand Experience?

The pandemic of 2020 certainly shook things up. As we transition to a world that looks gradually “normal”, we’re now facing change in consumers’ behavioral habits. Even subtle changes can have massive ripple effects on how we interact with the world around us. In China, we’re going through a rapid transition from offline brand experience to online. Moving forward, it seems like we need to accept a world different from our past. Within those constraints, we can find a catalyst for creativity.

As a creative agency with a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, we help brands build strong connections with audiences through innovative experiences. The Asia-Pacific region holds 60% of the world’s population, as well as the most advanced digital economy in the world. In this region, brands face customers who are very familiar with the digital experience. For global brands, what new insights can be learned from experience marketing in Asia, especially in the Chinese market?

free webinar, Garage Academy, The OrangeblowfishKey Takeaways

First, let’s talk what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of having passion for creativity outside of work
  • How the pandemic has shifted the creative landscape
  • Creative brand experiences now and beyond

Who should join us?

Next, aren’t you curious who’ll be there?

  • Branding and marketing practitioners
  • Creative minds
  • Event companies
  • Businesses that are ready to take their experiential marketing to the next level

Who are the speakers?

Finally, let’s get down to who is bringing the goods.

Siu Tang, creative director, The OrangeblowfishSiu Tang

Founder & Creative Director 

The Orangeblowfish

Born and raised in England, Siu had a conservative and traditional Hong Kong upbringing where his passion for art was not encouraged. As such, after graduating from a Business Degree, Siu entered the corporate world. Fast forward to 2011, Siu followed his calling for art and founded The Orangeblowfish, a creative agency with a strong presence in Asia Pacific – Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Sydney. Since then, he’s never looked back. 

Francis Oldfield, regional brand director, garage societyFrancis Oldfield

Regional Brand Director

 Garage Society

Francis Oldfield leads Garage Society’s brand development and communications across Asia Pacific. Previously, he helped new brands thrive and ones adapt with his own agency providing strategic and creative direction for SME’s and startups.

Bhavini Raval, Experiential Strategist, LORE Live Creative AgencyBhavini Raval

Experiential Strategist

LORE Live Creative Agency

Originally from London, Bhavini has called Hong Kong home for the last 14 years. A multi-faceted creative story-teller and theatre performer, Bhavini has been an actor, director, producer, writer, educator and creative director at some point or all at the same time. Agency life found her unexpectedly and turned her collective passions into a hybrid role where she creates, develops and designs live experiences and events as an Experience Strategist.To sign up for this free webinar, please scan the QR code on the flyer or visit this link:

See you June 23rd at 5pm (China Standard Time).

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