Write a Kick Ass Brand Story: 3 Hot Tips

February 19, 2019
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February 19, 2019 TOBF

A kick ass brand story elevates your company beyond any orchestrated or phony marketing scheme. Writing a well-crafted brand story is the best way to share what matters – the deeper purpose of your company. To make an outstanding brand statement, all you need to do is to keep several principles in mind. Here are 3 tips to get you started on crafting a viral brand story.

1. Keep it real.

Your customers are interested in the truth, not some fabricated PR fluff. Mundane details and snooze-worthy storylines are a quick way to lose your audience’s attention. A good brand story balances the art of story telling with the wholesome guts of the down and dirty. Spare the gory details of chicken nugget making, but share why you decided to open a chicken franchise in the first place.

A good origin story answers the question, “Why does your company exist?”.

Some things to think about:

  • What was the purpose and dream in the beginning?

  • What were some conflicts to overcome and what were their resolutions?

  • Why are we here?

  • How are we making the world a better place? 

Be true, authentic, and honest. Share both the positive and negative – open your heart! Illustrate your hard work with examples of growth-inducing challenges. How your company solves problems illustrates your values, something that truly matters to your audience.

An Artful Career Move


It takes a lot of balls to give up a stable job to follow your dreams. TOBF’s origin story is a tale of just that!

Our founder, Siu Tang, left a career as a veteran headhunter to open his own creative studio. His bold move paid off – The Orangeblowfish cooperates with brands such as Nike, Google, Costa, Alipay, and YSL. To hear more about how his love affair with paint began, visit us at: https://www.theorangeblowfish.com

The Dumpling Queen

Wanchai Ferry

Wanchai Ferry has a legendary start-up story. The founder Zang Jianhe moved to Hong Kong from China after leaving a bad marriage. Instead of dwelling on her uncertain future, she started working three jobs to take care of her daughters.

Until disaster struck – she fell and broke her back. Her poor health qualified her for a government disability check, but she refused to take the money. Instead, Zang took a friend’s suggestion and began selling her delicious dumplings. It wasn’t long before Wanchai Ferry became a household name.

From a small vendor to a multibillion-dollar powerhouse, it is no wonder why they call Zang Jianhe the “Dumpling Queen”.

2. Keep it simple.

 A simple way to present your brand’s narrative is in three parts: Problem, Solution, and Success. Overcoming adversity is inspiring, adding unnecessary details weighs down the story. One of the most successful simple brand stories belongs to Oprah. Oprah’s brand keeps it simple. She shares her struggles, how she solved them, and inspires empathy and understanding. 


Image Source: Oprah.com

Problem: Poverty and rocky childhood

Solution: Education and perseverance

Success: Her own cable network, O magazine, and the first African-American billionaire.

Questions to consider when writing your own story:

  • Who is the brand

  • What does it stand for?

  • Why?

Use anecdotes and interesting facts to highlight your brand’s personality. Share the evolution story of your organization, a conversation that goes beyond facts and figures. Your customers want to know where you’re going and where you’ve been, but they also want to know why.

3. Keep it relevant.

A brand story is more than just a blurb on a company website. It is a guide post for all further communication with your audience. Every piece of brand content must return back to the grand “why” stated in your brand story.

How do you do that?

Focus on quality over quantity. Diversify your content and play with a variety of mediums. Include a meaningful call-to-action in your work.

Consider these questions:

  • What is your key takeaway messaging?
  • What result does your audience receive from following your company’s journey?
  • Why should your audience care?
  • What will transform in your audience’s life if they continue to subscribe?

Sounds Too Good to Be True 

beats by dre, brand story

A good example of a brand keeping it relevant is Beats by Dre. Its brand messages are consistent and clear. Stories about the headphones illustrate the product’s ability to transmit the feeling of being in the studio.

Storytelling is an ongoing journey when building a brand, but if you keep it simple, relevant, and real –you’ll have one hell of a start.


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