Creative Branding Ideas to Boost Your Marketing

September 3, 2020
September 3, 2020 TOBF

We can all agree that small businesses don’t have the luxury of resources that big companies have at their disposal. Gone are those days when traditional advertising was the only means of reaching customers. Small businesses used to be at a disadvantage, but thanks to digital marketing the playing field is shifting.

New media and the internet have created leverage through which many businesses, regardless of size, can target their audience and create engaged followings. Today, there are many creative branding ideas to  boost your marketing while staying within budget.

Let’s look at some  ideas.

1. Craft a Solid Brand Story

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To create a clear marketing message, you need a solid brand story. You will agree that humans are moved by emotions, and stories have proved to be effective when it comes to driving home a point. For new brands, most especially, gaining the trust of their target audience is a problem that a solid brand story can solve.

Customers, like every other human, care about themselves, and how a product or service will benefit them. You now have to come up with a unique story that caresses this. It will help if you create a solid brand story that addresses the ultimate purpose of your business. This brand story must also answer the why and how of your business; it must showcase your brand personality and help you identify who your target audience is.

2. Develop Detailed Target Audience Profile and Customer Journey

customer journey, digital marketing, graphic designTo boost your marketing efforts, you must also have a well-developed target audience profile and create a specified customer journey. To do this, you will need to get into the mindset of your customers to understand their needs. This will help you in ways you never imagined.

You will understand without guessing the best way to approach and communicate with them. You will also be able to provide content and offer value that meets their demand. When you do this correctly, you will reap the dividends.

3. Upgrade Your Visual Brand Elements 

Oh Yeah, great design, brand storyVisual brand elements communicate your brand’s messages for you. They are another set of creative ideas you can’t substitute in your marketing. A brand’s visual branding essentially has five key elements. They are consistency, logo, typography, color, and imagery. Consistency shouldn’t be a surprise here; whatever you do or say must be consistent across all boards. You must use the same color, logo, and fonts across all your offerings and marketing efforts.

Your visual brand elements’ job is to tell your story, so the least you want to happen is to cause confusion with these elements themselves. Use a great but simple logo, and it does not matter the industry; the importance of a logo cannot be overemphasized.

Using the same fonts for print and online materials speaks a lot of good things about you as a brand. While it may seem unimportant, it shows that you pay attention to even the smallest details. Different colors also convey different feelings. Whatever color you pick, ensure it resonates with your brand story. You should also keep the images you use clear and inoffensive.

4. Elevate Your Brand Experience

visual identity, Shanghai, The Broken Daggervisual identity, Shanghai, The Broken Daggervisual identity, Shanghai, The Broken DaggerAnother creative way to boost your brand’s marketing is to turn happy customers into brand ambassadors. The things that turn your target audience into paying customers aren’t difficult to discover. You need to have an excellent product, provide human-centric customer service, provide memorable experiences, and be good with brand storytelling.

When you put this in order, it won’t be long before you find customers that are more than willing to become not only official ambassadors but also unofficial ones. Your job is to make the story about them, and you can go to bed. Well, there’s more, but once you can deliver an emotional story and show that you care, you are right in their hearts.

Brand marketing has never been easier. With the numerous ways available today to reach your target audience, all you have to do is utilize creative ideas that make you stand out from the crowd. Create a customer-centric brand, and you will have a successful brand.

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