IWD 2024: Celebrating Inspire Inclusion at The Orangeblowfish

March 8, 2024 TOBF

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Inspire Inclusion. When we encourage each other to be the best that they can be, we are helping each other. In turn, we forge a better world.

As we explored in last year‘s IWD article,  there are more females than males who study creative art subjects, yet a smaller proportion of women go into creative jobs after graduation. Today we sit down with Natalie Lowe, CEO and Founding Partner and Lammy Xu, The Orangeblowfish Creative Lead to get their views of women in the creative industry.

Q: Why do you think there a lack of women in the creative industry?

Lammy: Unsurprisingly there are still not enough women in senior leadership roles in the creative industry. They are mostly dominated by men. As a young designer staring out, you might feel intimated seeing less women in your field or organisation in senior roles. I’ve been told that junior female creatives find it hard to progress then they can’t find a role model or mentor they can relate to. Hopefully this will change soon.

Q: Do women hold senior positions at The Orangeblowfish?

Natalie: When we first started The Orangeblowfish, we were a small team of 2-3 designers, it was Siu and one other male colleague. Lammy was our first female creative. Fast forward to today, all our senior creative and management roles at The Orangeblowfish have women leading the fort. This means our agency is mainly women-led and in senior positions running the creative, finance and operations. This is something we’re proud of. We hope to see more creative agencies have women holding senior industry positions.

Q: How is TOBF helping female creatives to #InspireInclusion?

Lammy: At The Orangeblowfish, we believe that everyone’s ideas should be heard and respected. Our diverse team is made up of individuals from all over the world, who embrace inclusivity and creative ideas. Each of our own personalities and differences, bring a different level of perspective which sparks new ideas. That’s how we push forward with our own learning about creativity, change, and diversity that ultimately leads to innovative designs for our clients.

With the right corporate culture, coupled with bravery and a plan, anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to.


Check out some of the designs our team created for IWD #InspireInclusion.

At The Orangeblowfish, we practice and encourage “inspire inclusion” every day, not just on International Women’s Day. Interested in joining our Agency? Check out our vacancies.


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