The Orangeblowfish turns pink on its 10th anniversary!

January 5, 2022
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January 5, 2022 Admin

The Orangeblowfish turns 10 on 5th January 2022, and we’re celebrating with a fresh look that comes with a twist: our new brand color is pink!

“Why pink? Because it’s unconventional – just like us!”

            Siu Tang, Founder and Executive Creative Director

After spending more than 10 years in the corporate world as a recruiter, Siu Tang decided to follow his calling and pursue a career in art and design. In January 2012, Siu started The Orangeblowfish from his home-study despite having no industry experience. For the first two years, he completed more than 1,000 commissioned and personal projects by himself and spoke of his career-switch at TEDxSuzhou.

“We’re not your typical agency. If you know us, or have seen our work, you can see that we don’t do things by the book. ”

           Natalie Lowe, Managing Partner of The Orangeblowfish

The original version of The Orangeblowfish’s logo was first designed by Siu in his home study when he was tired of using the same paper stencil to tag his alias on street art. For our agency’s very first logo, Siu cut out each letter to highlight the agency’s spirit of customization, thoughtfulness and that everything we create has a special handcrafted touch. Rather than handing over a business card, Siu would “tag” pieces of paper, napkins or whatever he could get his hands on. A unique touch.


The Orangeblowfish’s logo – original version


The Orangeblowfish’s 10th anniversary logo


An animation of our 10th anniversary logo

In keeping Siu’s roots as a street and graffiti artist, we decided to keep the original type face, and evolve the logo – just like we have. That’s why we added the pink band.

The pink band symbolizes many distinct aspects of our evolution. It stands for:

  • A ‘window’ into new possibilities and all the conversations we will start with clients, partners, and industry peers;
  • All the new creative boundaries and trends we will help to push forward; and
  • All the new opportunities in the market (“white space”) and where we, The Orangeblowfish (the “pink” band) will continue to adapt, evolve, and expand our core service offering to fill market needs.

Since The Orangeblowfish was founded, we have built a name for ourselves when it comes to branding and creative, graphic design, and spatial design. We have created iconic spatial design, brand concepts and campaigns for global Fortune 500 and local brands. Some of our award-winning works include The Broken Dagger, Zodiac and Drop 158 Festival by Budweiser. In 2021, we were also shortlisted as APAC Creative Agency of the Year.

Despite the pandemic, we continue to grow, building our team and client portfolio across regions and industries. But the spirit of “doing things by hand” continues to permeate everything we do.

           Siu Tang, Founder and Executive Creative Director

As we move into our 10th year of operation, the new logo reflects a new era for the Agency. We have so many fantastic things on the horizon.

Of course, we could not have done this by ourselves. We are incredibly grateful to our clients, partners and of course our team for their trust and collaboration.

In the next ten years, there is nowhere we cannot go. But whatever we work on, we will still start in our studio, with our paints, stencils, and power tools, getting our hands dirty and continuing to push boundaries – because that is what we love to do.

Do you know why we’re called The Orangeblowfish? We’ll break the silence in our next post.

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