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What is creative branding?

Creative branding is how you showcase your promise to your consumers. It’s how you position your brand and connect with consumers across various touchpoints.

Creative branding combines strategy, design and marketing elements to create trust among your consumers, communities and the marketplace.

All it takes is three seconds for your consumers to cast an impression of your brand. 

The Orangeblowfish unleashes the power of creativity to help brands make a great first impression across all consumer touch points in the physical and digital world.

Why do I need creative branding?

Many brands say the same thing. How are you going to stand out?

Creative branding brings your brand to life by combining the design, marketing and experiential elements that allows you to stand out in the marketplace.

Creative branding connects all the dots that – from visual to verbal, experiential and digital.


How it all comes together

When we work your brand, we leverage our LUCID framework to identify and bring out your brand’s foundations, so that it’s aligned with your business and brand strategy. This is also to ensure that your brand promises can be easily understood and that it resonates with your consumers.

No brand is ever the same.

By applying the LUCID framework, you can be confident that the direction we set for your brand is globally and locally aligned, while being responsive to current market conditions.

Learn & Understand

Great creative starts with good insights. ​

​To kick start the process, we will begin with a deep dive to listen and understand your internal business structure and strategy, as well as of all parts of it.  The approaches we’ve used before that has been very successful includes desktop conducting a competitor scan and holding key stakeholder interviews.  ​

​The output from the Learn and Understand Phase is to get a clear understanding of your business and brand’s unique history, current culture, special capabilities, strategic strengths, opportunities and threats, value strategy, organisational dynamics, management style and the profile of employees.​

Competitor Scan

Birds eye view of what your competitors are doing

Stakeholder Interviews

An understanding of what your key stakeholders think and expect from the brand

Market Insights

What is happening on a macro level and how does this impact your brand and consumers’ decisions

Brand Manifesto

Based on insights, develop your brand purpose, and brand essence

Brand Strategy Framework

Develop a framework that will outline your brand’s positioning, personality and tone & manner

Brand Journey

Integrate the brand strategy framework into existing/future consumer journey


Developing the look and feel of your brand

Once the brand strategy framework has been finalized, we start conceptualising the creative idea.

We bring in our creative task force to help visually conceptualise what your brand might look like, and the story you’re trying to tell. We ask a lot of meticulous questions to ensure that we create something you will love.

Questions might include:
What is an aspirational brand you love the design of?
What colours do you like?
What colours do you dislike?
You want upper case or lower case?
Minimalist, bold, contemporary … ?

Getting the point?

Imaginate: Imagine + Create

The Imaginate Phase is where you see our magic comes to life. We combine everything we’ve discovered and confirmed from the Learn, Understand and Conceptulise phases to bring the creative idea to life! ​

At this phase, the creative idea bridges the gap at the global, regional and local level. This is because our creative idea has emerged from our robust LUCID process. It has market research and insights that has been validated and can be tested. This in turn can add speed and efficiency and speed to the evolving development of your brand’s strategies and communications, offers or further service and product developments. The direction is clear, and all levels of your company can quickly use it to act.


During Deliver Phase you will see the creative excellence we’ve been striving for your brand. The brand strategies and design elements come together across the touch points that mean the most to your consumers and communities. The visual brand look and feel, as well as all design and storytelling elements, are cohesive and consistent and stands out in the market place. But the work doesn’t end here. We still need to continue planning, refining and monitoring the brand’s progress and the value it brings to your business.

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design

Environmental Graphic Design

Brand Experience



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