Illustration: Expectation vs. Reality

May 19, 2020
May 19, 2020 TOBF

Illustration Challenge: Can anything can be interesting?

First, we need to say that sometimes you just need to have some fun and play with design. All work and no play makes an artist  dull. After, we came across a fun social media challenge to recreate a simple photograph into something new. And what a better way to show off our design chops than to turn something ordinary into an awesome illustration?

Since we’ve done illustrations for Ford, Costa, and a variety of other clients, so it was a treat to take some time and explore our creativity. After plenty of searching, finding a challenge that captures TOBF spirit was too tempting to pass up. We decided to photograph one of the most hardworking tools handy around TOBF’s office, our most beloved spray paint can. It’s funny how you can take for granted every day objects and stop seeing them. Now, feast your eyes. He’s quite the looker in his birthday suit, no? illustration, spray paint, paint can, paint

On Your Mark

Get Set



 Illustration 01

illustration, spray-ain't, splat, graphic designer

The overworked designer’s cry


Illustration  02 illustration, spray paint can, graphic designer, neon

Graffiti Guide: Masks are necessary. Keep a marker on standby.

 Illustration 03 illustration, scuba diver, graphic design,

Spray paint cans are our “oxygen tanks”. We’re breathless after a day without play.

 Illustration 04 illustration, cartoon, Doraemo, graphic design, graphic design in Shanghai

Finally! A must-have for interns! Doraemo’s magical shot of creativity. Inject design skills in three seconds flat. Warning: Occasional cases of inspirational overdrive have occurred.

 Illustration 05 illustration, lighthouse, graphic designer, graphic designers in China, creative design agency in China

Navigating rough waters is part of the job, but the light of creativity always

guides us home.

 Illustration 06 illustration, dog peeing, fire hydrant, graphic design, creative

Sometimes a little negativity rains down. You ‘ve got to have thick skin (or an umbrella).

 Illustration 07 illustration, girl, graphic design, colorful

Take a look around. There are plenty of ordinary objects waiting to be reimagined. Join us in imaginating the ordinary. We’d love to see your illustrations.

After you finish, send ’em our way!

The world is a canvas to your imagination.

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