Five Reasons to Doodle Daily

April 9, 2019
April 9, 2019 TOBF

Is doodling just for children? No way!

Doodling is a profoundly useful tool available to everyone. Grab a pen or pencil and see where your mind takes you!

How can this creative exercise enrich your life? Read on for 5 reasons you should doodle.

Doodling Expands Your Imagination


What if the world was made of blocks?

Fill a blank page with your creations. See what emerges. There are new and creative solutions waiting to be discovered!

Doodling Increases Your Concentration


Ginger beer. Ha!

Our brains need downtime. Where can we find the time to reboot? Doodling is an easy way to be in the present. Slow down and regenerate your mind!

Doodling Fuels Deeper Learning


Siu Tang’s Signature Rabbit Hole Tag

We learn and process information in different ways. Doodling stimulates multiple layers of our learning process – auditory, linguistic, visual, and kinesthetic. When we doodle, we activate a multilayered connection to information.

Anyone Can Doodle


This doodle ended up on the Sumerian coffee bean bag.

Doodling is beneficial and fun! Everyone can learn and apply visual language. It’s an opportunity for non-artists and “left brainers” alike.

Powerful People Doodle


Mommy’s hugs win against Daddy’s juggling.

What’s a secret weapon many of society’s most celebrated intellectuals, innovators, and thought leaders?

  • Ron Howard uses doodling to clear his mind before storyboarding.
  • Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman relies on doodling to get to breakthrough scientific conclusions.
  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates doodles to stay focused in long, complex conversations.

Channel Your Inner Doodler


At home sick.


First Day of School

We all have the ability to doodle. As children, we viewed blank pages as an adventure. Harness that inspiration and start doodling. Your mind will thank you!

Life is a blank canvas.

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