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The Story.

If there were an instruction manual for “How to make your office more 牛逼” aka baller, “Call The Orangeblowfish” would be on top of that list. As much as we denied the forces that be, after 1,001 missed calls and endless prompting from friends… we finally embraced our fate as Shanghai’s most undiscovered interior design agency. No shame really.

One of our best office pieces was for MINDSHARE SHANGHAI who we collaborated not once, but thrice. The Mindshare guys do amazing things on a daily basis: as WPP’s right-hand (media) man, it was important for them to encourage and instill their key mantras – Teamwork, Provocation, Speed – in a positive way.

While we understood their intent, we knew big words were just words, having come from big corporations ourselves. How do we put a face on these values? How do we encourage people to look at everyday office beliefs in a fun way?

Our Solution.

It’s been on our creative wish list to create superhero stories for brands. So we entered an unspoken deal with Mindshare, where, for our part in producing 99% of what their colossal 3-storey office needed, we’d get 1% of free play in return. “And this was how Ms. Mindshare (Teamwork), Rigatron (Provocation) and Octoexec (Speed) were born…”


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