International Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

March 5, 2019
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March 5, 2019 TOBF

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who are extraordinary.

Behind every successful man is a wise woman.

Behind every successful woman is herself.  

At TOBF, women are an integral part of our team. Our diverse group of talented and creative women are forces to be reckoned with – need we say more? Nope! They can speak for themselves.

Here’s What TOBF Women Bring to the Table

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(From Left)

Natalie. The Boss, Young. Country of Birth: Australia

Lammy. The Passive Aggressive 26 Year-Old. Country of Birth: China

Kate. The American Serial Expat, 31. Country of Birth: United States

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? international womens day, womens day, the orangeblowfish

L: International Women’s Day is a concept that is quite new to me. It’s great that we now have global attention to women’s accomplishments.

K: International Women’s Day isn’t just a celebration of women’s achievement. It draws attention to the global issues of women – the challenges, obstacles, and injustice endured. More than that, it’s a battle cry for change. Hopefully, for a more inclusive and progressive world.

N: Every day is Women’s Day for me. I don’t believe in celebrating one day to make it special. For example, Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to go out on Feb 14, but seriously are we only going to have one “special day” out of an entire year? Of course not! We make the most of every day.

That’s how I feel about International Women’s Day. I feel that every day, I need to be doing something more for myself, for our community and also for my daughter. I want to show her that the world is her oyster. She doesn’t have to think that because she is a girl that she is going to lose out.

This year’s theme is “Balance For Better”. Do you think that the world is imbalance with women’s rights? 

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L: I think women’s status in the world is rising. Some positions that have never been involved in women have gradually become female, but there are still many countries that are unequal about women’s status.

K: Globally, women struggle with obtaining the rights they want. In different countries, women struggle with access to different things. Whether it is medical care, the right to vote, driving privileges, or fair pay –even something as basic as being heard, listened to, or taken seriously is more difficult as a woman.

N: Without a doubt, there is a lot of societal pressure on women and as a result judgment on how women should be behave, what is their ideal body shape/size, how to be a mother, daughter, wife and so forth. It’s hard to find balance when you’re wearing so many hats.

Woman to Woman, “You have to stop putting pressure on yourself. Do the best you can. Don’t give in to the stereotype of “how you should…”.

What are some of the benefits of being a woman?

L: It is a whole new world for us and I’m excited!

K: I think the ability to grow, deliver, and feed a child with your own body is pretty f*((ing awesome. We’re also naturally more attractive. Also…. no back hair!

N: We are more resilient and persistent than men. Ask a man to go through pregnancy and labor. I’m being serious!

What are some of the disadvantages?

L: Women can be underestimated, for example, in terms of academic qualifications. Most of society still views that it isn’t necessary for women to have advanced academic qualifications, or that a woman’s qualifications or not enough or too high even.

N: The shit never ends.

What does the future look like for women in the future? international women's day, women's day the orangeblowfish

L: I feel that the status of women is gradually rising. The future may hold a world dominated by women.

K: The future of women is bright. I look forward to a day where there is no need for International Women’s Day. Every day will be in celebration of women.

N: You can slowly see [young] women in China are becoming more independent and vocal. There are more “Lean In” and women’s groups than I remember. Women are starting to do more for themselves that make themselves happy than get married at a young age to please their parents. I want this for my daughter. I want her to experience life, have fun, and do what makes her happy.

International Women's Day, Women's Day


Happy International Women’s Day.

Every Day.


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