Scaling Your Business Post COVID

October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020 TOBF

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives were permanently altered. How we work, live, and do business is going to be irrevocably different. Facing financial hardship and an uncertain future, many businesses are struggling. The good news is that you can grow and solidify your business health while staying authentic to your brand. Let’s talk about how to scale your business post-COVID.

Get Started Scaling Your Business Post COVID

Tip #1: Go Above and Beyond

How you respond to the pandemic and the new business landscape says a lot about you and your brand. Make every effort possible to support your team and clients during this time. Your customers will remember how you responded to the crisis. Whether you step up or step out, that’s up to you.

Tip #2: Add Value

Now’s the time to dig deep and focus on adding value to your offerings. The majority of people and businesses are watching their wallets. Even if your sales take a hit, you need to dial up the delivery.

Tip #3: Diligently Digital

Social media and digital content are more important than ever before. Audit all of your online communications. Since the volume and scope of content is changing, as well as the consumption; it’s vital to stay fresh and relevant. Again, focus on how you can offer your clients value. What do they want to hear from you right now? How can you be of service? Remember to include a freebie or two! Are there any services/products you can shift into the digital space? Pivoting with the market will serve your brand now and for years to come.

Tip #4 Rethink Communication

As we’re all discovering, times have changed. While teams are spread out over the globe working from their dining room tables, our needs and priorities are not what they were last year. This year, we’ve even gotten new vocabulary such as “new normal”, “social distancing” and slogans such as “Slow the spread” and “We’re in this together.” People are looking towards brands to set the tone. In an environment where it is easy to get negativity fatigue, bleak’s not going to win you any popularity contests. At the same time, being overly positive and sunny will be insensitive and a bit phony. Strike a balance and stay informed. The situation is still unfolding. These are challenging times. But, with these principles in mind. You can continue to scale post COVID and beyond

Scaling Your Business Post COVID Webinar

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The Orangeblowfish’s Managing Partner, Natalie Lowe had a blast speaking with Australia China Young Professionals Initiative (ACYPI)’s members about “Scaling Your Business in Asia” with Lucy Du and Delphine Lefay.

3 Key Webinar Takeaways

(a) don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes, it’s part of the journey (but of course it’s important to do your research and take calculated risks)

(b) your greatest asset is your team

(c) given the pandemic, it’s ok to be setting up in new markets without having a large team on the ground.


Natalie Lowe, The Orangeblowfish, remote work

Natalie Lowe, work from home

If you have any more thoughts about scaling or expanding your #business, please do share them in the comments below! Want more information about scaling your business post COVID? Stay tuned on The Orangeblowfish’s YouTube Channel or subscribe to our newsletter for bonus content.


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