The Orangeblowfish Keeps Creativity Alive During Lockdown

May 31, 2022
May 31, 2022 TOBF

Reviving Shanghai: The City that Never sleeps

Keeping creativity alive during the 2022 Shanghai lockdown has been tough. While some of us appreciate the quiet time to cook up ideas, The Orangeblowfish team have light bulb moments through spontaneous meetings, joking around and collaborative brainstorming sessions. 

When the news broke out that Shanghai residents would go into lockdown in late March, we knew that it was going to be a long ride. Being a creativity agency, we needed to keep creativity alive!! However, as we all know, creativity doesn’t happen from being alone or in front of your computer, day in day out. Even though creativity can be sparked from activities such as cooking meals together, exercising, and so forth, we all need human interaction to keep it all going. WeChat and emails sometimes aren’t enough.

How did The Orangeblowfish keep creativity alive during the Shanghai lockdown?

It was the view of the infamous Wukang Building, from Siu Tang’s balcony window that sparked the idea of us creating an amazing design series to get local residents through the Shanghai lockdown.

The Wukang Building is a protected historic building at the junction of Huaihai Middle Road and Wukang Road in the former French Concession (a.k.a FCC) of Shanghai. In recent years, many F&B joints, bars, coffee shops and restaurants around the area have opened up to serve tourists and locals who appreciate this attractive destination. Irregardless of rain, hail or shine, many people congregate around the Wukang Building, one of the most iconic places of Shanghai, for that perfect instagrammable spot.  

Our Design Inspiration: The Mysteries of Wukang Building 

Inspired by the photo of the Wukang Building, we challenged our design team to let their minds run free and to imagine what strange and mysterious things would happen at the Wukang Building when the lights switch off and all you hear are the humming sounds of birds…  

We had seven weekly themes. Our team members were challenged to complete one design per day, for seven days. Check it out and let us know what you think!   

  • Star Wars

  • Mother’s Day

  • Tropical

  • Nature

  • Sakura – Representing Cherry Blossom in Japenese

  • Festival

  • Cinco De Mayo

“The Shanghai lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us. I’m sure many feel isolated, frustrated and anxious. This series of The Mysteries of the Wukang Building has helped The Orangeblowfish team to experience a level of joy and social connection during the lockdown period. We had a lot of fun designing the series and we hope it brings smiles to others,” concluded Siu Tang, Founder and Executive Creative Director of The Orangeblowfish.

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