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March 15, 2021
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March 15, 2021 TOBF


March 8th marked International Women’s Day.

At The Orangeblowfish, we firmly believe and support gender equality; respect everyone’s unique talents, diverse background, quirkiness, and do our best to leverage everyone’s diversity as a team strength.

Enter Caitlyn: The Marketing Coordinator, an American born Chinese raised in Shanghai. We ask her what IWD means to her and what she chooses to challenge…

TOBF: Tell us a bit about your background.

Caitlyn:  I’m originally from Colorado but moved to Shanghai a couple of years after because of my parents’ careers. I first studied at a local Chinese elementary school to improve my Chinese. Then, for middle school and high school, I attended international schools here: SCIS and SAS. I’m currently attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, majoring in Communications and minoring in both Design and Business.


TOBF: Share with us what IWD means to you.

Caitlyn: International Women’s Day, in my opinion, is a day of celebration, recognition, and appreciation of women; our values, and the incredible things we can accomplish.


TOBF: What does this mean in the workplace?

Caitlyn: I feel like we shouldn’t need IWD to remind people in offices to recognize and celebrate women. My ideal work environment would be somewhere that emphasizes equity, especially in terms of gender. Women’s opinions shouldn’t be over-ridden by more dominant male opinions, shouldn’t get paid less, etc.


TOBF: What has it been like working at The Orangeblowfish?

Caitlyn: As a young female millennial taking my first few steps into the working world, compared to my previous employers, The Orangeblowfish is an unconventional creative and branding agency.

TOBF is an avid believer of gender equality, which is not only proven by the treats and flowers I’ve received on IWD from my bosses but is also showcased daily. My opinions and every individual’s opinions are asked and valued, and my skills and capabilities have also been appreciated, put to use, and grown.

It’s a place where all talents and opinions are recognized, disregarding attributes like age, positions, or genders. Over the short span of time I’ve worked here, I have received countless opportunities to work with different people within various work fields. I have collaborated with designers to produce marketing content, created basic UI layouts for clients, worked with contractors to finalize project productions, learned about branding and design processes, etc. Oftentimes, I feel as if I am an equal instead of being the new kid on the block. Rather, I am given individual responsibilities taking on essential tasks directly contributing toward the agency and our projects with clients.


TOBF: How has working at The Orangeblowfish impact your view of gender equality and what you want in the future as a woman?

Caitlyn: In the future, no matter where I end up: corporates, start-ups, creative agencies, etc., I whole-heartedly wish that I will end up somewhere that is willing to see my potential and the potential of other individuals. Only when we can all do this, that together we will reduce gender-induced biases to create an atmosphere of inclusion, passion, hard work, and positive energy. In simpler terms, somewhere that makes me feel as welcomed, wanted, and appreciated as The Orangeblowfish!

In the light of IWD and the official theme of challenging the world to promote change: #ChooseToChallenge, some members of The Orangeblowfish are taking this opportunity to support and pledge to stand up against gender inequality!

“I #choosetochallenge businesses to encourage, instill and value creativity and diversity – irregardless of gender, ethnicity or culture differences. “
“I #choosetochallenge to always flip perspectives.”
“I #choosetochallenge to speak out on personal encounters of gender inequality, encouraging the public to spotlight lingering issues of gender biases.”

Raise your hands to join us and take actions for equality!

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