Happy Chinese New Year 🐰 You!

January 10, 2023
January 10, 2023 TOBF

Happy Chinese New Year 🐰 You!

2022 was an important year for us as it marked our 10th anniversary. To thank our community and to celebrate the year of the Tiger, we’ve prepared ten red packet designs to give away.

“A-mazing Designs”

The inspiration behind our A-mazing red packets was to create one design to represent each year. Each design incorporates the Tiger and a maze (which should be solvable in ten seconds).  However as usual, we’ve out done ourselves and created more than ten designs.


Our red packets were so successful that we decided to create another set to celebrate the Rabbit Year and to thank our community: our followers, customers, friends and partners.

We prepared eight red packet designs. However as usual, we’ve outdone ourselves. We have created more than eight designs.

Take a look and let us know which one is your favourite!

Happy 2023!

We wish you a happy and prosperous 🐰 year!

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